Swelling with pride- literally

Yesterday every time I logged into Facebook, my profile picture made me so happy. Like I said yesterday, following through to the finish of something has not been my strong point. I don’t think everything actually hit me until Monday.
Well except the side effects of my lovely event- that is!
Pain I expected – I was completing 13.1 miles! I was sore Sunday night to the point that i took half of a prescription pain killer. Something I just don’t do at all. This was after ibuprofrin and tylenol had not worked at all!
Monday was rough. But I managed through the day at work, grocery shopping, and normal mom duties that night. Foam roller was a huge help!
Tuesday, I actually forgot how sore I was in the morning. Some steps hurt more than others. The they started swelling!  Now I do take medication every other day for water retention but this was something more intense. 
I came home and rolled again hoping to help the flow in my legs. But it just seems worse.
I now sit on my couch, have horrible flashbacks od my last pregnancy where I gained 30 lbs of water weight, hoping this burning pain goes away!

Coming tomorrow: the transformation pictures! From 250 lbs to 160 over 2 years time!