Back on the trail again!

Well, today I restarted my half marathon training- hoping to learn to actual run my 2nd half marathon, not light jog or walk!
I first need to find socks. I have been searching for what seems to be months! I love my compression socks most of the time, but in the summer- not so much!
I have “sports” socks that are to keep the moisture from being an issues, but my feet are blistering from rubbing in them! Glad I don’t post pictures not right!?

I also started a little wager with my No Excuses group- all of them againist me! If I don’t lose the most inches and most weight- I have to contribute to a gift card for the actual winner of that week- so I have returned to my training diet this week- complete with my 50g of protein shake with my health lunch (or post run depends on the day!). Today I did great, and am not at all worried about Sunday’s weigh-in!

What pushes you to your next goal?


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