Zero, Zilch, NADA!

Yep, that is what my Cardio Trainer said today for “calories burned” this week. I have not seen that in over a year! My half marathon last Sunday, sucked the life out of my body. A huge part of why I am restarting my training program this week at Day 1. Run 10 mins (six times) walk 3 (five times). Simple enough. But now without music! I need to figure out why I struggled so much at the end of my training to just keep focused. Music I think was actually distracting. So I am going to try podcasts, if I actually get really bored. 

You have to understand, music is part of my soul. I love my music! For me to truly run without it, actually hurts a little. But my goals are that important right now. My goal of beating my time of 2 hours 32 mins down to 2:15- which I should be able to do if I actually thought about it! My average pace this race was 11:41- If I knock one minute off, and actual am ready to run at the start line, I am all over that time!

I have had a few people ask me how my weight is doing – now that I am not posting about it all the time. Thankfully, I am holding steady in the 160s and so far I am happy here. I would like to gain some muscle, and that will come with time, I am sure. But for now, this works! Even with a week off, I lost 5 inches! Sometimes your body just needs a break to rebuild! 

I have a few races: Frankfort 5k (5/19) and Chicago Soldier Field 10 miler (5/26) for the rest of May. June I have a couple more 5ks (Run for Hope Oak Lawn and Summertime Stride Mokena 6/9) and my second half marathon June 24, the Women’s Inaugural Half Marathon!  July, August, and September are just one race each, for now! October is empty- but November I have my 3 for the season all in one week! All in all, I am happy with my choices this year. Next year will be different- for sure!

Today is Mother’s Day, which turned out great! Made progress on my house, went to see my parents, and managed to crank out a few chapters in my personal training course. But tomorrow starts my crazy week!

Hope everyone had a great day!


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