First week back!

Oh man did this week feel great!

Monday I ran 5 miles and only had to walk the smallest amount ever for me!

Then Tuesday, well family is my other priority- my oldest had her last girl scout meeting before bridging ceremony- and our bathroom was still all crazy- so I had to skip Tuesday.

Wednesday, was amazing! The weather was perfect- left a little late because the hubby was home from work- but I managed to squeeze in 3 miles of non-stop running! I didn’t walk for my 3 miles! I was so proud of my self when I got back home. I stayed perfectly in pace, average 11 minute miles- and felt perfect. Thursday night I ran with my running group, and it was an easy run night of just 2 quick 11 minute miles again. Got to run with a friend from the group that has been out with an injury. Afterwards, we all went for drinks and pizza, until 10pm! Yeah, Friday was my off day for a 5k charity run Saturday morning. Which I am still not sure I am going to do or not, just because it is not timed at all and it is the biggest garage sale weekend of our area.

Next week I am hoping to get in a few good long runs early- then nice and easy runs Thursday and Friday night- Saturday is the BIG 10 mile run downtown ! 7 am start too- hubby was hoping to join me but with no baby sitter and having to leave at 5am with four kids – yeah you get the picture! Maybe next year.

What do you have planned for the weekend?


Back on the trail again!

Well, today I restarted my half marathon training- hoping to learn to actual run my 2nd half marathon, not light jog or walk!
I first need to find socks. I have been searching for what seems to be months! I love my compression socks most of the time, but in the summer- not so much!
I have “sports” socks that are to keep the moisture from being an issues, but my feet are blistering from rubbing in them! Glad I don’t post pictures not right!?

I also started a little wager with my No Excuses group- all of them againist me! If I don’t lose the most inches and most weight- I have to contribute to a gift card for the actual winner of that week- so I have returned to my training diet this week- complete with my 50g of protein shake with my health lunch (or post run depends on the day!). Today I did great, and am not at all worried about Sunday’s weigh-in!

What pushes you to your next goal?

Zero, Zilch, NADA!

Yep, that is what my Cardio Trainer said today for “calories burned” this week. I have not seen that in over a year! My half marathon last Sunday, sucked the life out of my body. A huge part of why I am restarting my training program this week at Day 1. Run 10 mins (six times) walk 3 (five times). Simple enough. But now without music! I need to figure out why I struggled so much at the end of my training to just keep focused. Music I think was actually distracting. So I am going to try podcasts, if I actually get really bored. 

You have to understand, music is part of my soul. I love my music! For me to truly run without it, actually hurts a little. But my goals are that important right now. My goal of beating my time of 2 hours 32 mins down to 2:15- which I should be able to do if I actually thought about it! My average pace this race was 11:41- If I knock one minute off, and actual am ready to run at the start line, I am all over that time!

I have had a few people ask me how my weight is doing – now that I am not posting about it all the time. Thankfully, I am holding steady in the 160s and so far I am happy here. I would like to gain some muscle, and that will come with time, I am sure. But for now, this works! Even with a week off, I lost 5 inches! Sometimes your body just needs a break to rebuild! 

I have a few races: Frankfort 5k (5/19) and Chicago Soldier Field 10 miler (5/26) for the rest of May. June I have a couple more 5ks (Run for Hope Oak Lawn and Summertime Stride Mokena 6/9) and my second half marathon June 24, the Women’s Inaugural Half Marathon!  July, August, and September are just one race each, for now! October is empty- but November I have my 3 for the season all in one week! All in all, I am happy with my choices this year. Next year will be different- for sure!

Today is Mother’s Day, which turned out great! Made progress on my house, went to see my parents, and managed to crank out a few chapters in my personal training course. But tomorrow starts my crazy week!

Hope everyone had a great day!



yes those are all me- from january 2008 through last summer 2011. I have to do pictures for the last year still. I don’t have a lot of pictures of me from the last year on this computer yet.

My first, top left, picture I venture to guess i was 255 there. Now the top all the way to the right, I am pregnant with Olivia there (like 35 weeks or something!). The bottom row are all last summer, with the last picture I think being August (but not sure on that one) and I think I am 190 there.
Yes I am naturally a brunette now- I was not when I was younger. I went back to blonde because I feel more “me” with it lighter.

But you can now see how drastic losing nearly 100 lbs of the last 4 years change a person!


Swelling with pride- literally

Yesterday every time I logged into Facebook, my profile picture made me so happy. Like I said yesterday, following through to the finish of something has not been my strong point. I don’t think everything actually hit me until Monday.
Well except the side effects of my lovely event- that is!
Pain I expected – I was completing 13.1 miles! I was sore Sunday night to the point that i took half of a prescription pain killer. Something I just don’t do at all. This was after ibuprofrin and tylenol had not worked at all!
Monday was rough. But I managed through the day at work, grocery shopping, and normal mom duties that night. Foam roller was a huge help!
Tuesday, I actually forgot how sore I was in the morning. Some steps hurt more than others. The they started swelling!  Now I do take medication every other day for water retention but this was something more intense. 
I came home and rolled again hoping to help the flow in my legs. But it just seems worse.
I now sit on my couch, have horrible flashbacks od my last pregnancy where I gained 30 lbs of water weight, hoping this burning pain goes away!

Coming tomorrow: the transformation pictures! From 250 lbs to 160 over 2 years time!

Potential Verses Perspective

I have “wanted” a lot of things in my life. I have “signed up” for even more! What I have a short list of, are ideas I have followed through with, to the very end. I mean- we all get the crazy ideas that we can do anything, try it and find out it just was not for us. But I am a person who dives into everything, neck deep- until I admit I never could swim to begin with!

But this last year has been so different, as I have actually followed through with losing the weight I wanted to lose. Sure, I changed my goal from 100 lbs to feeling comfortable at 60 lbs gone. Do I still want those other 40 gone? maybe, but it is not my priority now.
Ultimately, I just wanted to be able to run three miles- three long miles- last year! I was pretrified out of my place, with following through to the Mokena race last year. But I did it. For the first time in my life, I followed through and completed something.

Then it happened- the half marathon bug bite me! I signed up for the Chicago Half Marathon- thinking nearly one year of training I could actually learn to complete 13.1 miles. I even got a treadmill; then upgraded it for the winter months! But then I met this amazing group of people- F’N runner club!

This group of people have the most amazing synergy about them! I started walk/running with them in the dead of winter January! I quickly learned to love running in the winter -OUTSIDE! Each run got easier, and before I knew it I wanted to cut time off my miles- I went down from a 14 minute mile- to a comfortable 11 minute. I was in shock! My distance grew with each outing- and I was able to run 4 miles with little to no walking and even found a few sub 10 minute miles along the way!

Everyone in the group started talking about all the spring races and I was addicted! I planned out my whole season!

Timeline wise- this would be March- My first 5k of the new season, and only my second race ever! After just over 2 months with the group, 5 weeks of boot camp and gym time, I was ready. All I wanted was an improved time- 35 minute range. Some how I ran 29:38! And I thanked everyone for their support and advice!

Shamrock Shuffle was next. 8k or just shy of 5 miles! Could I do it? And yes I did- I even drove downtown! I managed
to run (with very little walking) that 4.97 in 49:30! I felt official- I was ready for a half marathon! So, I signed up for the Palos Half Marathon!

In the meanwhile, I had the Joliet Rockdale, which was hard. It is hills, yes, but it was hard to find that perfect pace and keep going- so 10k or 6.2 took me 1:07. Which, all in all, I was just okay with, because I know I could have done better. I told myself next year. was really an excuse to see old neighbors and donate to a great cause! So how managed to run that 5k in 30:19 and 4th in my age group. Granted it was a much smaller race- but still that was great!

Next up was Palos- 13.1 miles and I was at 7 miles in my training. I had started a new job, causing practice excuse. I ran my longest distance 8.5 miles and actually felt good. Was able to run about 2 miles at a time with just 15 second breaks. Then it happened- my first real injury- my right knee felt horrible.

Now when I say horrible it means just that! it took me a few days to admit I might actually need medical attention- they decided it was patella tendinitis. Okay I can deal with that and my new brace! problem was it was only making it worse. But I have to run more before the race, so I dusted off the trusty treadmill, set up the fan, and slipped on the even to loving compression socks and WOW that hurt! it was all because my socks are too long (or my shins are too short) and the tops were pressing on the tendon. So adjusted where those sit and was able to run 5 miles at a comfortable 10:30 pace in just about an hour again. GREAT!

Now the mantra I know is something like if it matter you find time- but life for me is just busy. I have 4 kids and a husband that work retail management- meaning my life changes by the minute (sometimes less if the baby is around!) . Well between sickness, work schedules, and extra curricular programs – oh and homework- I didn’t get to run but one more time!

I  went into my first half marathon with my longest run being 8.5 miles- and a possible injury! Leading up to this past Sunday, I was sure something would prevent me from going- my kids, my husband, family otherwise- my appendix! But all was very well at 4:30 Sunday morning, as I started the process to run my first half marathon.

After just over 1 year of learning to run, I finished my first half marathon in 2 hours 32 mins! It was hot, and hard, and caused me to want to rip off clothing- but I finished it! I am not upset I missed my goal of 2 hours 30 mins- by just 2 mins- because I know that was caused by my choice to fix my music and shoes.  Yes I struggled with each and every mile- I walked more than I really wanted to overall- but I learned so much! I know I need to work on specific parts of my body, and how to prioritize mile running again, and what I really can do when I apply my desire for a goal!

Today I looked at my new facebook profile picture and felt so much pride in my hard work- and felt guilt because I knew there was so much more in  me to be applied! I have a long list of races for this year- and plan for each one of them! Join me on my journey as I continue to track my training until November when I finish up with the last Joliet R3 race!

And if you made it through that WHOLE flashback- thank you! promise from now on they will be shorter entries and some pictures!