LONG overdue update, and my SUPER EXCITING NEWS!

I have decided to restart my blog writing as I train for the next few races! Also, I enjoy reading other blogs and was starting to get jealous!

So much as happened in the last few months, I don’t know where to start. Olivia is now nearly 14 months (on Leap Day!). We all loved Christmas this year. But more importantly, I have learned so much and grown as a person.

I joined a running group at the beginning of the year. I never expected to love it as much as I do. They are an amazing group of supportive people. When I started back to run/walk after the holidays and my bronchitis, I was averaging over a 13 minute mile. With just 8 weeks of running, working out and eating right- I am now down to an average 10:30 with some as fast as 9:30! ME?! Running a 9 minute mile? When I started last year I was lucky to keep up with my treadmill at 3, now can run at over a 6? That is just amazing!

Oh and by the way, since September I have last over 25 inches and kept off over 20 lbs.! I am officially down 60 lbs since having Olivia. I am able to wear size 10 jeans comfortably, even a few 8s from Old Navy! That is the most expensive part, buying new clothes!

I start my Sony training intermediate program for half marathons today.  Day one: Running for 1 hour – which I have been doing when running 5 miles with the club. I also had boot camp this morning- which is just awesome! And tonight is a fun hour of Zumba!

I made myself a deal- if I can train enough to run the whole half marathon on May 6th, then I can go out for pizza afterwards. I have completely sworn off pizza until then- it is not even allowed in the house! Yeah, hubby is sort of going crazy about it. But it was the only thing I knew we make me work for the goal I had set myself. I still have quite a bit of work, have to double my running distance, but I also have 9 weeks!

SUPER EXCITING NEWS~! I decided to get my personal trainer and fitness nutritionist certificates! I am planning on being down this summer with both and be able to start making money doing all my talking!

Oh updated measurements: For 2.21.12

ribs- 33.5

belly- 36.5

hips- 37

wrist- 7

thigh- 18.5

inner thigh 21.5

calf- 13.5

weight then was 170.5 Lost over 10 inches between Jan and Feb, but not much weight-

BMI 27.4, overweight- 25 or below is normal

So I will be trying to post a few updates here and there on how this process is going. Hopefully I won’t whine too much!