Food Journaling and weight loss oh and a review of measurements!


20 days of food journaling as paid off! I have lost over 6 pounds! Well I was at 191 then gained up to 197 because I was waiting for my treadmill and not doing anything in the meanwhile.
But,my goal of 4 pounds a week is nearly there, and I have learned so much information! But most amazing part is that I have lost 7 1/4 inches total 2 in my hips and 3 in my rib/chest! Which is just amazing to see where it was really coming off from!

Eating calories becomes super important when you are considering how long it takes to burn them off. 100 calories is about one mile for me- on average. So when I think about 150 calories of regular soda verses a diet soda and having actual food for those calories, it becomes a qualified decision. But are their differences in 500 calories of ice cream and 500 calories of salad? Depends on the dressing I suppose. I mean I made a mean salad the other day for until 500 calories and had to use my side dish bowl to eat it! That’s some serious salad making!

When you journal you have to own up to what you are eating and can’t just turn a blind eye to the calories anymore. Trust me I think twice about mindless eating now! The hardest part is entering empty calories into My Fitness Pal, and having to really see how many calories I just consumed because I needed a cookie!

Okay so my measurements were taken on September 16th and now that we are at Oct 16 I thought we could see if I have made any progress.

Area——– 9/16——– 10/16
Weight——– 191 ————–190.5
Waist ———41 —————-40.5
Hips ———-43—————–41
L. Forearm ——-10——————-9 ¾
L. Bicep ———-13——————12
Ribs/Chest —-40——————37
L.Calf ———–15——————15
L. Quad ————21—————–20 ½
Total BMI ————29.9 ————-29.8
————————————- Down 7 ¼ inches total
Average Calorie intake 1500 Avg 1200

So as long as I keep losing at the same rate ( I technically lost 6 lbs in 20 days), and the inches keep changing, I predict to hit my weight loss goal of 130s by January! Granted I will be thrilled if I could be in the 160s by then at least!
On the running front, I have made a great progress! My best run so far was 4.6 miles in 62 minutes. The last two runs my right knee has been giving me issues with clicking/popping. So I am hoping it will work itself out with fast pace walking on a high incline.
For the next 4 weeks, I am adding some different Wii programs into the mix. I have Cardio Boxing, Wii Fit, Biggest Loser, and Wii Sport/Play. So I am hoping that will also help.



My husband and I argue over time – well all the time. I feel that morning is 6 am to about 1030- Lunch time is 10:30 to about 1- then it is afternoon until about 5- after 5 it is evening then 730 until 11 is night time. Sounds simple right? Well my husband- who I love to pieces- doesn’t see the world like this, and I fear may be late for everything. He feels that morning is until whatever time “he” eats lunch then it is afternoon- and evening is not until dark and night is when you sleep. So if you ask my husband to come over in the afternoon and he has not ate his lunch until 4:30 then he will be there around 5!
This confusion continues into my time for exercising. I like to have at least 30 minutes to stretch and prepare to run. I then followed this with about 60 minutes of running, with an extra 15 maybe for cool down, for a total of one hour and 45 minutes. Due to my husband’s lack of time skill, he thinks this is something easy to plan for and should be naturally in my schedule. I strongly disagree!
Finding the time to work out and run is a balancing act, with energy and activities. I have 4 kids- 10, 5, 4, and 9 months- meaning there is never a time I am without them until they go to bed. I have found myself on the treadmill at 11:30 pm just to get my hour in on our very busy Tuesdays. I would love to find a way to run before they get up, but then I would worry I would wake them at 5 am. So I am trying to figure that out.
My goal of running twice a day is perplexing me, as I am having time issues. I want to run on my treadmill each day for 3.2 miles (5K), but then also try to sneak in a second run of equal or longer distance. My overall weight goal is to get to a healthy BMI of 22 and that is about 120’s. I am currently 188 (yeah lost 9 pounds last week, but more on that later!) yet, I still have a long way to go! I need to burn off at least 3500 calories a week, on top of cutting my calories to 1200 (allowed 1500 which gives me another 2100 calories not used!) thus pushing my weight loss a bit further.
So now I would love some feed back! When do you like to work out? First thing in the morning? Mid day? Afternoon? Or before bed?

Family and Restaurant Eating!

As anyone who has ever had to watch a calorie, and they will say family dinners and restaurant eating is their nemesis! This weekend I had both happen, and I did okay. Not great but okay for my first attempt at watching my intake while still being around yummy food.
When we eat at my in laws, everything is delicious, and this weekend was no exception. So I purposely divided up my calories to allow more at dinner than I would normally eat. I was even good with dessert and only have the tiniest sliver of ice cream cake. OKAY- so I have 2 cookies, but it is not easy and I said I did OKAY not perfect!
Now restaurant eating was also preplanned that I knew we were having pizza and it is SO many calories! So I took it easy during the day and ordered a huge sugar free ice tea- which is more filling than soda for me. Thankfully my loving 9 month old was being a handful so I couldn’t sit and stuff my face with more than my fair share of sliced heaven. You have to understand, if I was on a deserted island my one food choice would be pizza. It is the perfect food! Thankfully no dessert was served, but over all I feel I did really well!
So if I was to give advice to anyone dealing with these situations that would be realistic and smart about your decisions will help you more than anything. For example, at the family dinner start with salad on your plate, or maybe the main vegetable, and eat that first. Then work on to the main course but take a normal side dish portion instead of a main dish portion. Understand? Treat the main dish like the side! Okay next is bread and butter- if you have the will power, skip it- if not just allow yourself enough to get through the salad or veggie. One huge piece of advice DO NOT BE THE PASSER! You know the person who sits by all the food and has to pass it around to everyone. And if you are ask someone to move it away from you! I am less likely to keep asking for more bread and butter if it is out of my reach. Does that make sense? Of course it does! Okay so at your next family function try all that and report back if it worked! And now is a great time to practice for Thanksgiving! I am telling you that holiday was created just to make us fat! More on that later- like after you have ate all the Halloween candy!

Food Journaling and Random Food Calorie Counts!

So for the last week I have been food journaling with My Fitness Pal. LOVE IT! AND it is free!
Okay, so you can enter in the brand name of the food, or you can scan the bar code on the package! Now I personally have not had much luck with the scanning part. I really think it is my phone not the application.
From this week alone, I have lost 5 lbs! I am allowed about 1500 calories a day to lose the weight I want to lose each week. I am averaging about 200 calories below that each day- and on the days I run or workout I am way below my calories.
Now, one of my other favorite parts of this application is that you can see your nutrient listed based on your entries! So, if you want to watch your carbs, fat, vitamins/minerals, or whatever- you can! I know as a personal fact that I need more protein than most people so I am able to see how far off I am just from my food and then I can add a protein drink for a snack!
Another element I love, is that you can see what your weekly over/under on calories. I was also able to see on a quick bar graph that I eat more on some days verses others.
Okay so enough bragging on this app- grab it off market or Amazon apps and add me to your friends on it madmamaof4!

Okay so for lunch today, I posted a picture on Facebook what I was eating and wanted to see if anyone could guess the calorie amount.

I had a chicken lunch meat sandwich, with Colby Jack cheese, 2 slices of tomato, 2 pc of lettuce, 1/2 tbs of mayo, all on rye/pumpernickel bread with 2 stacker pickles on the side and 15 Parmesan Garlic Chips.
We had a few close guess- now my math said 500 calories even- and I did use my digital scale to measure the different parts to be sure that I was getting the amounts correct.
According to My Fitness Pal, the total was 481 calories! A few guesses were close! I was impressed- I really was shocked that 160 calories of that was the bread- and another 140 was the chips. So if you could trade those to out you could add veggies and fruit for your calories!

Next I posted a picture of my dinner- now no one tried to guess, which is fine it is Saturday night! So I had a 9 oz rib eye steak, with whole potatoes, and creamed corn- I was impressed that the steak was only 191 calories! Bringing the dinner to 321 calories! Now I had about 180 calories to make up for that meal, so I am having yogurt and a bit of fruit for my bedtime snack.
Today I managed to have 388 calories left over all without exercise. I really should have went for a run outside this morning, but I was allowed to sleep in and no mother of 4 turns that down!
I will do my best to post more often, like every other day!