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Visions, Knowledge, and Action


Visions, Knowledge, and Action

We all have a vision of what we
should look like when the mirror reflects something completely different. In my
mind, for some reason I am still about 16, then sometimes I think I am 22
again, but never 33 and overweight-still. When I was 21 I lost over 100 pounds
over the next year. I went from a size 18/20 to 6/8. I swear I would never gain
the weight again. Then I had four kids. Well actually I had one and it just all
went to hell from there. When I started after the birth of our fourth, I was
230 pounds. Now I am 192, and working on getting to 130s. This time I am trying
to figure out how to prevent another relapse of weight gain. Step on is

I am a firm believer if you know everything
about a topic- then you can act on it. Meaning if you know how a computer runs,
then fixing and using it should be logical. So if you know how your body works,
then you should be able to properly maintain your body. So this time around I am
paying attention to how my body works with food. I know I have had sugar
problems, so determining what is bad, okay and fine. Next is coming to terms
with the amount I tend to eat. I do awesome all day- then the kids go to bed.
It has been four hours since dinner- and I am bored, sleep, and alone. Starts
out innocent but by time I go to bed I have ate another meals worth of
calories. Sabotage! If you could know the calorie amount and how much work you
have to do in order to actually burn that many off- you would change what you
eat. Trust me! On to action!

Action is simple- move more than
before. And for let last few months, I have been working on my Couch to 5 k training program . Which for those
of you who don’t know- this is an application you can put on your phone. It is
a 9 week program that breaks down running and it amazing!  As I alluded to the action to eating before,
this is where you realize that carrot is worth 11 minutes of walking about a
half mile! Seriously- the idea that I ran for over 40 minutes and only burned
300 calories makes you think twice about those Fudge rounds! Also remember
3,500 calories in one pound of fat! See how these all wrap up together?

I used to go out to eat- and if I
was hungry I ordered whatever I wanted. Never thought about how many calories
the meals were, or how much work I would have to move to burn off that triple
cheeseburger, French fries, and regular Dr. Pepper.  A meal of five Mexi Melts, extra sour cream,
nachos, Mexican pizza, and dessert? Um yeah sure! But using all this
information to my advantage I will do what I can with the vision of my body, my
knowledge, and proper actions- to never be overweight again!