Set back

Sciatic nerve is a pain in the butt literally! Wednesday I ran and felt this strange burning pain and my leg came out from under me. I have had this feeling before and knew what it meant. I had to stop running for a few days. Actually, stop everything for a few days. Reminder here is I have four kids and a husband who works nearly seven days a week. So stopping is not an option.
Thursday I tried stretching, anti inflammatory medication, and rest. Seemed better then I tried to sleep. It was like being poked with a electronic fire place poker all night!
So this.morning I still put on my running clothes, laced up the shoes and drove to preschool. Thinking I would try and run. Yeah it didn’t happen. I was so afraid of falling I didn’t try. And all I could think was again. I am afraid of failing so much that I would rather not try than fail. Some how I failed anyway.
Sorry for the delay in posts, I no longer have home internet and typing only phone is a lot slower.
Going to try tomorrow and run before Hubby goes to work. Hoping I can get out and at least walk some.


Music to Run by

When used to pick music to workout to, I always tried to pick high energy songs. But then when I got to the gym, I managed to play around with my song list enough that I gave up and never listened in the order I thought I would like. You know what I mean? you thought “Welcome to the Jungle” would be great at about the 3rd song it, but this time you are still stretching, so you have to skip. Or you have “she’s got the jack” and you are just not in the mood for AC/DC at all? I am like an adult with ADD when it comes to workout music- half way through the song I am already looking for another one–Okay you get my point.

Well I have learned that I don’t do well with playlist. I do better with entire albums. Strangely enough I do better with lighter music too. I have been running to John Mayer and Eric Clapton- both of which I love. I don’t have to worry about anything with their cds just listen and enjoy my run.
Listening is the unforeseen part of this journey. I start to decipher the songs. Or remember where I was when I first heard them. Recall memories I have tied to them. For example MatchBox20 will always remind me of my 20s (fitting, right?) and working in Oak Brook or going out to the bar every Friday night like money was on a tree some place.
Personally I do like to “think” when I am running too much because this is “my time” and only time I get that is during my runs. Even if I have the baby with me, it is still my time alone- with my shoes.

So today I was looking through my 200 cds (yes I still have cds!) trying to find others to add to my collection on my phone. After a few I started to find old “hair metal” bands. Granted my father would say his generation has the best music, I digress that this is my generations best music. From my 7th grade year until I can remember, this has been the music that got me through so much. So you can see why I cannot run to these songs. I would be crying on a curb somewhere about something that happened 20 years ago! Ah memories!

So, give your music list a serious thought- could it be slowing your down? causing you to not wanna run? bringing up emotions that cause you to eat when you get back?

Progress process and purpose

Progress : My progress is slower than I would like right now. But with this horrible spring weather, not sleeping well at all and slacking for six weeks, I should not be surprised. I know if I can stick with my program, then progress will be created and measurable.

Process: This is a process of changing habits that took 33 years to create. Why do I think there is an internal switch that will allow you to be a healthier person overnight. At the same time, making the choice as to which food I will eat, or if I exercise today is a habit I have to create.
Purpose: My current job says you will never keep with a goal without a strong why. Why you push to run everyday; eat carrots instead of pudding. But these changes can’t be just about weight loss. You need to strive for a positive long term out come. What would your life be like once your goal is achieved? If you dont achieve your goal, what will happen in your life instead?

My thoughts? My purpose? I want to be an active part of my kids life. I have a range of ages with them. I want to have the health, energy, desire, and over all ability to help them achieve their dreams. If I dont work at this goal, with this why, every single day, I very well could.not be here for them at all.

May day

I am starting to blog my health changes journey. April was no food out side the house. Meaning every meal, snack, and drink had to come from our grocery purchases. My kids and I did great. Hubby not so much.
I had to plan menus, remember to allow time for cooking and pack snacks when leaving the house.
No weight change from this challenge which is upsetting. I give up fast food because it is more calories and more money. But I am not sure about that.
My $500 grocery budget was gone by the 28th. So that was not any help to us. Calories were made up some where.

Next is to continue the fast food fasting. Adding for may is to increase of veggies, fruit, water, and fiber. Also my exercising will be increased and adding yoga. I want to be in bed by 10 pm weeknights so insure enough rest too.
April brought a lot of rain, prohibiting my outside running. Hopefully May will be dryer and warmer, to allow for more running.
Although my weight loss goal from January will not be met by June 11th, doesn’t mean I have to give up.

So join me on my journey and read along! Or better start your own!